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Apply - Winter Camp


The theme of Game On Winter Camp Moldova 2020 is: 
Explore the digital world and share your story!

Based on PISA results, we can see that many children in Moldova are not motivated to read and neither do better in school. Therefore, we want to take the digital storytelling approach. We want to encourage student-centered learning. Instead of following teachers' instruction passively in class, they will be challenged to actively engage and present their own stories by using technology and multimedia. The participants will have the opportunity to read a book, make a book trailer for it, create a poster and present it. There will be many soft and hard skills developed during the camp. Thus, the concept of our winter camp will be based on digital storytelling.

Shake up the education, it's Game On time!


Details about the summer camp:

Place: FIDES Conference Center, Chisinau
Dates: 2 - 6 January
Number of campers: 60
Age of campers: 11 - 13 years old

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By organizing Game On Winter Camp 2020, we will be able to achieve the following:

motivate students to read more books
teach campers about filming and editing and put knowledge into practice
develop personal and interpersonal skills: teamwork, problem-solving, caring, communication, public speaking, etc.
make campers think outside the box and challenge their creativity
improve English skills, as the camp will be in English


The morning activities of each day will rotate and include 2 clubs: English and Board Games



GAME ON - EDUCATION is a non-governmental organization registered in Moldova that provides educational projects for children and youth. At the moment, the main projects are focused on educational camps. The association was founded in 2019, however, the first project (Game On Summer Camp Moldova) took place in 2016. It was an initiative by one of the current founders, which slowly became a phenomenon in approaches to education. Each year, Game On Summer Camp Moldova increased the number of participants and developed a strong team of young educators. Previous summer camps were organized with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova, American Councils for International Education and Greenheart International.



To build a strong Game On community


To share opportunities and engage participants in different community projects after camps finish


To develop participants' English communication and writing skills


To improve participants' personal and interpersonal qualities through interactive workshops and games


To enhance personal empowerment and development through a 'leading by example' approach


To foster campers' learning of equity, social cohesion, active citizenship and leadership in the contemporary society



To provide an individual approach towards education, where children gain life-changing values whilst having fun.


kids at summer camp



To broaden children's horizons, improve their English skills and develop their personal and social skills through different challenges and educational projects.




Let the adventure begin!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2016 took place from June 6th - 16th at the Orizont High School in Chisinau. We had 22 campers, aged between 6-10, who came from different districts of Chisinau.


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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2017 took place from August 15th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 42 campers, aged between 8-12, who came from 22 different regions of Moldova.


Challenge yourself, be your own hero!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2018 took place from August 15th - 21st at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 60 campers, aged between 10-13, who came from over 25 regions of Moldova.



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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2019 took place from August 19th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We have broadened the horizons of 80 campers, aged between 11-14, who came from more than 25 regions of Moldova.

Inga Daranuta

Game On Winter Camp 2020
- Coordinator / Communication

Mihaiela Gaiu

Game On Winter Camp 2020
- Finance / Logistics

Nicu Gaibu

Game On Winter Camp 2020
- Coordinator / Marketing