Game On Summer Camp 2024

Applications Closed. Thank you for your interest in our summer camp.

Type: Day Camp, from 8:30 to 17:30
Period: 7 days (5 -11 August)
Location: Chisinau
Number of participants: 25 
Age: 8-10 ani
Number of educators: 5
Number of volunteers: 5
Participation fee: Free (The camp will take place thanks to the fundraising activities and donations)


Game On Summer Camps Moldova is an educational project organized and implemented by GAME ON - EDUCATION. The first summer camp took place in 2016. 

Our goal is to broaden children's horizons through a personalized non-formal approach. We aim to improve their English language skills, and nurture their personal and social qualities through games and hands-on learning experiences.

We believe that the best education is through games. Game must go On!

The Game On Summer Camp Moldova project follows a 5-year cycle, corresponding to stages in education, that we prioritize. Over these five years, we provide support to campers as they undergo the transformative journey from early childhood to adolescence. This period is pivotal, as the values instilled and absorbed by the children influence their development. Our 7 core values - Family, Empowerment, Respect, Integrity, Creativity, Inclusion, and Trust - serve as guiding principles to shape each Game On member into a happier and better individual.

Each year of the program is dedicated to a specific theme, representing an educational stage:

Year 1 (Age 8-10): We focus on fostering strong connections and building a solid foundation among campers.
Year 2 (Age 9-11): Participants are offered the opportunity to explore an alternative approach to education. Daily activities revolve around traditional school subjects, presented in interactive and creative ways through games and hands-on learning experiences. By the end of the summer camp, they discover that learning can be enjoyable, emphasizing the importance of the approach.
Year 3 (Age 10-12): The focus shifts to developing personal skills, including self-confidence, self-awareness, problem solving, relationship building, teamwork, motivation, self-esteem, and many others.
Year 4 (Age 11-13): Campers are encouraged to explore global opportunities and learn from best practices worldwide.
Year 5 (Age 12-14): Building upon their global exposure, we delve into understanding the societal systems and each individual's role within them. Participants are empowered to create their own systems.

Our approach involves retaining previous participants while adding 20 new ones each year. Former participants assume leadership roles, aiding in the integration of newcomers. This model has fostered a strong community over the years, enabling us to assess the growth and development of participants, as well as the project's impact on their lives.

After the 5-year cycle, our participants have the opportunity to join our career orientation programme: Edu 123

Once our participants reach the age of 17, they are eligible to join the organizing team as volunteers for our summer camps.

kids at summer camp kids at summer camp


Let the adventure begin!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2016 took place from June 6th - 16th at the Orizont High School in Chisinau. We had 22 campers, aged between 6-10, who came from different districts of Chisinau.


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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2017 took place from August 15th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 42 campers, aged between 8-12, who came from 22 different regions of Moldova.


Challenge yourself, be your own hero!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2018 took place from August 15th - 21st at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 60 campers, aged between 10-13, who came from over 25 regions of Moldova.



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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2019 took place from August 19th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We have broadened the horizons of 80 campers, aged between 11-14, who came from more than 25 regions of Moldova.


Be flexible, the world is changing!

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Unfortunately, due to the global health situation, Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2020 didn't take place. However, we stayed connected by organizing many virtual meetings which helped us to feel closer to each other and cope with the situation better.



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